Non-animal Origin Rheological Additive For Cosmetics And Toiletries

BENTONE  GEL  LC  V  is  a  specially  prepared dispersion of a non-animal origin organically modified hectorite clay in a low carbon chain alkane.

BENTONE  GEL  LC  V  delivers  a  combination  of benefits  in  a  single,  easy  to  use  product.  It  is designed  to  impart  rheological  control  and suspension  to  the  oil  phase  of  cosmetics.  It  is  an easily  spreadable,  volatile  and  non-oily  emollient, which leaves a soft, non-tacky skin feel.

BENTONE GEL LC V is also useful in emulsions and can  be  used  in  "cold  process"  systems.  It  provides thermostable  viscosity  control  of  the  emulsion's  oil phase,  imparts  thixotropic  flow,  improves  application properties  and  imparts  a  pleasant  residual  silkiness to the skin. Due  to  BENTONE  GEL  LC  V’s  volatility  it  is  an excellent  alternative  to  cyclopentasiloxane  based products.  

BENTONE  GEL  LC  V  can  be  added  at  any convenient stage during the manufacturing process. BENTONE GEL LC V  is a very high viscosity, shear- thinning  product.  To  ensure  good  homogeneous mixing is achieved, care must be taken to overcome the  large  viscosity  differential  existing  between  the BENTONE  GEL  and  the  other  lower  viscosity components.  Choice  of  mixing  equipment  and  the configuration  within  the  mixing  vessels  are  critical factors in developing the optimum performance of the BENTONE  GEL  additives.  The  use  of  medium-  to high-shear mixing equipment is recommended.

Inci Name:

C9-12 Alkane, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Triethyl Citrate

Key Properties

Non-animal origin Rheological control ˙  Predictable, reproducible and stable viscosity control ˙  Shear-thinning viscosity ˙  Excellent suspension of pigments and actives ˙  Controlled alignment of special-effect pigments ˙  Thermostable viscosity raises apparent melting point and ensures cost-efficient use of UV filters ˙  Emulsion stabilization [w/o and o/w ]

Convenience ˙  Optimally pre-activated and dispersed organoclay ˙  Incorporates with medium-shear mixing ˙  Can be added at any convenient stage of manufacture

˙  Gives a high degree of formulating flexibility ˙  Provides highly reproducible results for multi-site production requirements

Acceptability ˙  Non-abrasive ˙  Provides smooth feel to skin ˙  Toxicologically safe ingredients

Use Levels

2.5% -10.0%