The Board is collectively responsible to shareholders for the delivery of long term value and success and provides effective challenge and support to management in relation to the execution of strategy, whilst ensuring the Group maintains an effective risk management and internal controls system.

As stewards of the company, the Board leads an ongoing programme to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity right across Elementis.

Key roles

CHAIRMAN - The Chairman leads the Board and is responsible for its leadership, setting its agenda, monitoring its effectiveness and ensuring good governance. It is the role of the Chairman to facilitate open, honest and constructive debate during meetings and guides the CEO and CFO in their delivery of the Company's strategy. The Chairman's role also includes ensuring effective communication with our shareholders and that the Board is aware of the views of major shareholders.

CEO - The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business and the execution of strategy and operational performance. The CEO is supported by the leadership team for the delivery of both functional and business targets.

CFO - The CFO is responsible for supporting the CEO in the delivery of the Company’s strategy. The CFO leads the Group Finance function and is responsible for financial reporting, investor relations, IT and tax matters.

SENIOR INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR - The Senior Independent Director acts as a sounding board to the Chairman and leads the performance evaluation of the Chairman.

INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS - The independent Non-Executive Directors provide independent oversight and constructive challenge to the Executive Directors. They bring an independent judgement to bear on matters of strategy, performance and resources, including key appointments and behaviours.

COMPANY SECRETARY - The Company Secretary supports the Chairman in ensuring the Board operates efficiently and effectively. The Company Secretary also provides the Board with advice on governance developments and is responsible for the flow of information to the Board and induction and training needs.

Activities of the Board 

The Board has a formal programme of activities that are undertaken at scheduled meetings throughout the year which is supplemented by ad hoc meetings and conference calls, as and when appropriate. The Board receives updates on the business, financial, operational, governance, compliance, HSE performance and investor engagement at each of its formal meetings. 

Further information can be found in the Annual Report.

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