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Almond Cleansing Milk

This oil rich, but light cleansing lotion gently removes make-up and leaves the skin clean, smooth and nourished. Massage in and take off with a cotton pad.

Water Within Massage Bar

This natural water in wax emulsion bar melts gently on the skin and leaves it hydrated and nourished.

Hydrating Hand Cream

Experience the burst of hydration on stressed skin with this wonderfully hydrating hand cream

Pure Chamomile Serum

This fluid oil rich but light serum nourishes, hydrates and calms the skin. Apply a few drops onto the cleansed skin and continue your skin care routine.            


Hydra Burst

This  cream  can  be  applied  to  the skin to help give a refreshing water boost  while  helping  to  even  out skin pigmentation.

Face Covering Recovery Fluid

This light fluid supports the regeneration of mask-stressed skin and helps to prevent  impurities and irritations.

W/O Cream

This skin cream shows the effect of BENTONE GEL® compared to B-1006A-01 and B-1006C-01.

Lord Of The Lotion

This hand cream lightly glides onto the hands, leaving an enriched moisturizing feel on the skin.

Very Berry Jelly Mask

This hydrating mask transforms from liquid to jelly. Smooth it on, roll it off!  RHEOLUXE® 811 makes it happen.

Splash Mask

Experience an ancient Korean ritual with this splash mask. Dilute in water and splash your face, patting for  20 seconds, to moisturize and revitalize the skin.

Daily Skin Hydrator

This skin cream contains BENTONE® EW, which increases the viscosity and stability of the formulation, while leaving a soft skin feel. It can be compared to B-2006A-02, B-2006B-02, B-2006C-02, B-2006D-02 and B-2006E-02.

Anti-Gravity Eye Primer

This eye lifting serum lightly glides onto the under eye area, leaving a cushioning feel with a moisturizing effect. It can be applied before applying make up.

Peel-Off Charcoal Mask

Experience the combination of charcoal and purifying clay in this peel-off face mask.  Apply and wait for 15 minutes.  Peel off and be amazed at the clarity of your skin!

Daily Skin Hydrator

This skin cream contains 1% RHEOLUXE® 880, which increases the shear thinning viscosity and can be compared to B-2006A-02, B-2006B-02, B-2006C-02, B-2006E-02 and B-2006J-02.

English Rose Face Elixir

This luxurious face serum provides pore minimizing and moisturizing properties. The watery touch enables good spreadability and a light and soft sensation on the skin.

Water Drop Layering Oil

Rose red oil and clear water layers combine to leave skin hydrated and radiant. Shake to activate and experience the moisturization of MEADOWESTOLIDE®.