Powdered Thickening Agent

Powdered, high efficiency, high-shear polyurethane thickener developed for use in aqueous systems

Key Properties

· Although RHEOLATE FX 1100 may be used in pure aqueous systems without any organic solvent it is compatible with glycols, glycol derivatives and various coalescing agents that may be used in the coating formulation. As a rule, water-soluble organic solvents reduce the low-shear viscosity and non-soluble organic solvents and coalescing agents (e.g. DAPRO FX 511) will increase the low- and high-shear viscosity. · Nonionic thickeners such as RHEOLATE FX 1100 play a significant role in controlling rheology before, during and after the application of dispersion paints. · Compared to conventional thickeners RHEOLATE FX 1100 increases the high shear viscosity which means: · improved brushability · higher film build · improved edge covering · alkyd-like appearance Elasticity at low shear is reduced, resulting in: · improved flow and levelling · improved appearance · RHEOLATE FX 1100 is a hard urethane-based polymer. The hardness as well as the water resistance of the dry coating may be positively influenced when using RHEOLATE FX 1100 instead of cellulosic, polyacrylic or other urethane thickeners. · RHEOLATE FX 1100 reduces the roller spattering properties of the paint, even when the product is used in combination with cellulosic thickeners. · RHEOLATE FX 1100 is applicable to many aqueous systems or water dispersable powders. It is compatible with most dispersion paints based on polyacrylic-, polyvinylacetate homopolymers, polystrene acrylic-, polystrene butadiene copolymers and most terpolymers. The product may be used in combination with cellulosic thickeners however, the effect on paint stability should be thoroughly checked. · The product is also totally compatible with pigment dispersing agents NUOSPERSE FX 504 and NUOSPERSE FX 605.