Biodegradable - Yellow - Polymeric High Temperature / Deep Water Flat Rheology Viscosifier for Oil Based Drilling Fluids

THIXATROL DW 100 is a unique proprietary organic polymer that has an OECD306 biodegradability of 43% and PARCOM classification of D. DW 100 generates an efficient rheological profile in synthetic based invert emulsion drilling fluids while having a minimal viscosity increase when subjected to reduced temperatures. This highly desirable flat rheological property is stable through 350ºF and can be extended to applications beyond deep water drilling.

Key Properties

-Provides “Flat” rheological profile from 40ºF through 350ºF for improved ECD control -PARCOM (Class D) / OECD 306 Biodegradation (43%) compliant for global offshore applications -Has the same features as THIXATROL DW 50 plus Biodegradation - Exhibits a 35% reduction in HSRR at 40ºF -Maintains HTHP fluid loss control above and below use limits. -Shear thinning rheological profile for improved ROP