Universal Polymeric High Temperature / Deep Water Flat Rheology Viscosifier for Oil Based Drilling Fluids

THIXATROL DW 50 is a unique proprietary organic polymer that generates an efficient rheological profile in synthetic based invert emulsion drilling fluids while having a minimal viscosity increase when subjected to reduced temperatures. This highly desirable flat rheological property is stable through 350ºF . In addition to maintaining a consistent or flat rheological profile from 40ºF through 350ºF, THIXATROL DW 50 is not toxic to marine life.

Key Properties

Provides "Flat” rheological profile from 40ºF through 350ºF for reduced low temperature viscosity build and improved ECD control -Exhibits a 35% reduction in HSRR at 40ºF -Stable to bottom hole temperatures up to 350ºF -PARCOM (Class D) / Mysid & Lepto compliant for global offshore applications -Shear thinning rheological profile for improved ROP -Compatible with conventional invert emulsion drilling fluid additives and contaminants - Efficient hole cleaning and suspension properties for sag control