Non-animal Origin Rheological Additive For Aqueous Cosmetics And Toiletries

BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 700 additive is a highly beneficiated, easily dispersible powdered blend of smectite clay and Xanthan gum. In comparison to pure clay, it imparts slightly less thixotropic viscosity to the water phase of cosmetics. It is particularly effective as a means of providing a 100% natural, stable and light sensory rheology modification.

Inci Name:

Hectorite (and) Xanthan gum


˙ Oil in Water Emulsions ˙ Water in Oil Emulsions ˙ Creams ˙ Lotions ˙ Antiperspirants ˙ Deodorants ˙ Colour Cosmetics ˙ Face Packs ˙ Facial Make-Up ˙ Sun Care Products

Key Properties

˙ 100% natural, COSMOS approved and vegan
˙ Is easily processed as a powder or pre-gel
˙ Increases the viscosity of the aqueous phase and stabilizes viscosity on ageing, at varying temperatures and under    different shear conditions
˙ Imparts thermostable rheology

Use Levels

Typical use levels of BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 700 are 0.3% to 1.0% by weight of total formulation depending upon the degree of suspension, the rheological properties or viscosity required.