Defom 2700 is a silicone-free bubble releasing and anti-foaming agent for solvent based or solvent free systems. It is more suitable for epoxy, unsaturated polyester and UV curing coatings.

Key Properties

· In solvent free or high viscosity systems, the entraped air caused by mechanical forces is difficult to be released. The conventional silicone anti-foamer doesn’t perform well in the above mentioned system.
· Is a non-silicone polymer with special interfacial property that initially prevents incorporation of air, therefore, formation of bubble is reduced. In the meantime, it also assists escape and collapse of bubbles to obtain a smooth surface.
· It’s shows good compatibility. It is suitable in clear and pigmented coatings.
· To exhibits excellent anti-foaming and bubble releasing effect in solvent based or solvent free epoxy coatings.