enhance pigment wetting, dispersing, anti-settling, anti-flooding and anti-floating, and bentonites activator

Key Properties

· Disponer 923S is effective wetting and dispersing agents for inorganic pigments in solvent based paints.
· Disponer 923S exhibit interfacial active property that assist pigment wetting and de-agglomerating. Dispersion time is then reduced. By their ability of adsorption on pigment surface, stable dispersion against flocculation is obtained.
· Both products are also good activator for bentonites. Bentonite pregel produced with addition of Disponer 923S shows the following benefits:
· reduced dispersing time
· improved anti-settling, anti-sagging efficiency
· adjustable paste viscosity, easier handling
· improved storage stability
· In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, should be reducing flooding, floating in multi-pigment systems.