Important Information on Cyber Fraud

    (September 24, 2020) Important information on cyber fraud

    Elementis Announces Environmental Sustainability Goals

    (August 12, 2020) Elementis announced its Environmental Sustainability goals and plan of action to achieve sustainable progress and carbon neutrality.

    By 2030, Elementis has committed to reducing waste and water usage in operations by 10%, increasing energy efficiency by 20% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

    Elementis Voted Finalist in 2020 CEW Beauty Awards

    (August 31, 2020) Elementis’ BENTONE® LUXE WN has been selected as a finalist for the 2020 CEW Beauty Awards.

    A Mural for a More Sustainable Future

    (August 31, 2020) Elementis is proud to announce the completion of a new sustainability-inspired mural at one of its U.S. locations in the Harbor District of Milwaukee, WI.